Working in partnership

The Health and Wellbeing Trust is working in strategic partnership with NCIM (National Centre for Integrative Medicine) to widen access to Integrative Healthcare through the delivery of education.

Course categories

Our courses will help you inform your healthcare choices / meet your continuing professional development goals, through a variety of learning categories

Our courses

Bitesize – Short introductory courses to a range of Integrative Health subject areas, generally around 1-2 hours of study

Discovery – Courses designed to expand your knowledge, provide tools and strategies in different Integrative Medicine subjects, these courses are generally 10 or more hours of study

Webinars - Live and pre-recorded webinars about a range of health and wellbeing subjects, including Women’s Health, Mental Health and many other topics


All courses completed will receive a Certificate of Completion from our Education Partner, The National Centre for Integrative Medicine. 

The National Centre for Integrative Medicine is an approved centre with the Crossfields Institute. 

If you require CPD points or to complete a quality-marked version for your career development, our Discovery Courses (with Quality Mark), are available to purchase. Included in the price is registration with The Crossfields Institute, a Quality Mark Assessment and Certificate.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Integrative Medicine?

    Integrative Medicine joins together conventional, lifestyle and holistic approaches in a mutually beneficial way to inspire health and wellbeing

  • How long will I have access to my course?

    There are two time periods for courses to stay active on your account. If you are completing a Quality Mark course, you have 12 weeks from the date of purchase to complete your course and assessment. If your course is a non assessed course, you will have 365 days to complete it and return back at any point within that time.

  • How often are new courses added?

    We aim to bring new courses onto our platform each month. If there is a specific topic that you would like us to cover with a new course, please get in touch with the team - [email protected]

  • What accreditation will I receive?

    All courses receive a certificate of completion from the National Centre for Integrative Medicine (NCIM). Quality marked courses provide you with CPD points, registration with Crossfields Institute and a quality mark certificate.

Supporting others through your learning

The E-Learning Platform is managed by the Health and Wellbeing Trust (HWT) Charity. Surplus funds generated from course sales will be put towards supporting the delivery of HWT’s wider objectives including: providing bursaries for medical care and education; and community services.